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We stock local fudge from The Fudge Can

You may have seen The Fudge Can's stall at St Neots Farmer's Market on Saturday's throughout the month. If you haven't, make sure you pop down and sample some of their delicious fudge!

They are a Great Taste Award Winner, are totally palm free, and hand-make all their delicious fudge locally to St Neots.

Established in 2014, at The Fudge Can we are passionate about producing the very finest quality luxury confectionery for your utter delight and enjoyment. All of our delicious crumbly fudge is handmade in small batches using traditional methods, then hand-beaten to create the much loved melt-in-the-mouth texture to delight fudge fans of all ages! We will never compromise on quality and source all of our ingredients locally, use only Fairtrade chocolate, natural flavourings and whole nuts!

We stock The Fudge Can, so next time you order, just pop it in the order form!


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