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Cotteswold Glass Bottled Milk

Whole milk 1 pint - £1.13

Whole milk homogenised - £1.13

Semi skimmed 1 pint - £1.13

Skimmed 1 pint - £1.13

Organic whole milk 1 pint - £1.23

Organic semi skimmed 1 pint - £1.23

Organic skimmed 1 pint - £1.23

Channel Islands milk 1 pint - £1.23

Fresh milk in glass bottles or cartons

Browse our range of fresh British milk that can be delivered direct to your doorstep. Working in partnership with our farmers ensures that we can deliver a great tasting product that is both ethically sourced and Red Tractor Compliant. After all, a happy cow produces great tasting milk. We let you choose between glass and poly plastic. We also supply oat milk in glass bottles.

We let you choose between glass and poly plastic.

Cotteswold Fresh Carton Milk

Whole milk - 1 litre - £1.54 | 2 litres - £2.49

Semi skimmed 1 litre - £1.54 | 2 litres - £2.49

Skimmed 1 litre - £1.54 | 2 litres - £2.49

Organic whole milk - 2 litres - £3.39

Organic semi skimmed - 2 litres - £3.39

Organic skimmed - 2 litres - £3.39

Plant Milks

Oat milk is available in our returnable glass bottles.

We also stock the full range of Glebe Farm products. A very popular product, we stock Glebe Farm's plant milks for those looking for an alternative to dairy. Based in Huntingdon, Glebe Farm is a family business growing and milling pure British oats and offering delicious cereals, flours, and plant based milks.

All 1 litre size

Oat milk - £1.88

Soya - £1.86

Almond - £1.88

Coconut - £1.99

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We supply quality fresh cheese supplied by local dairies, made by ethically kept cows.

Carron Lodge Cheese

Mild  200g - £1.99

Mature 200g - £2.09. 350g - £4.75

Red leicester 200g - £1.78

Longley Farm Cottage & Cream Cheese

Cottage Cheese Natural 250g - £1.25

Cottage Cheese Pineapple 250g - £1.32

Cottage Cheese Chives 250g - £1.32

Cream Cheese Full Fat 200g - £1.07

Free Range Eggs

Available in dozen and half dozen packs. All of our eggs are free range.​ Supplied to all of our customers, and Cambridge colleges.​ We offer a reliable, professional service at very competitive prices.​ As well as delivering to household customers we also supply to shops, schools, colleges and businesses from our depot in Little Staughton Beds.​ We have been given a 5 star rating for our company by the environmental health department.

Rymer Farm Free Range Eggs

Large - £3.63dz

Very Large - £4.23dz

Richer Golden Yolk - £3.89dz


We supply quality fresh butter supplied by local dairies, made by ethically kept cows.

Carron Lodge Butter

Carron Lodge Fresh Butter Salted 250g - £1.99

Carron Lodge Fresh Butter Unsalted 250g - £1.99

Netherend Butter - Luxury Butter Rolls

Netherend Farm Salted Butter Roll 250g - £3.29

Netherend Farm Unsalted Butter Roll 250g - £3.29