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We have an extensive product list!

Have you checked out our product list recently? You may be able to complete more of your weekly shop with us than you think.

We now have:

Milk, in lots of varieties! Whole, semi-skimmed, skimmed, in bottles or cartons, and in various different types including organic, Jersey, etc.

Cheese, including mild, mature, Cheshire, Red Leicester, and Vintage.

Cottage Cheese, from Longley Farm, in 3 different flavours.

Free Range Eggs, guaranteed local from East Anglia.

Butter, with a choice of 3 suppliers and types.

Hovis Bread, in a huge number of varieties. Wholemeal, white, in thick or medium, as well as premium types such as Granary and Light & Nutty.

Juice Bottles, in 1 pint bottles that are recycled in the same way as our milk bottles.

Yoghurts, from both Tims Dairy and Longley Farms. We always have special flavours on too.

Cream, from Longley Farm in 10 different types and sizes.

Local made Fudge, from The Fudge Can in St Neots. Delicious!

Keep checking back for new additions!


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