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The history of the milkman 🥛

Did you know that home milk delivery originated in Vermont, USA in 1785, with the rise of Industrialisation?

The milkman would visit each house with a barrel of milk and each family would come outside and fill their containers.

Historically it was such an individualistic activity. It was performed by a single person who both milked the cows and delivered the product to their customers. These days, of course, milking equipment is a thing of the past, but the desire to connect with nature and with our food source has never been greater!

Many rich families began keeping cattle on their lands and benefitting from the profits the dairy industry was beginning to make.

In 1860, milkman started appearing in the UK as railway networks allowed travel from the cities into the countryside and vice versa, and by 1890 they began delivering milk in reusable glass bottles rather than dispensing into customer's containers.

By the 1990s, the glass bottle had almost entirely morphed into plastic poly which is mainly how it's remained to this day due to cheaper costs and longer product lifespan. However with the rise in awareness surrounding recycling and the environment, and the importance of supporting local businesses, many consumers are starting to understand the beauty of milk delivered in glass bottles which is where the local milkman comes back in.

The milkman's role has evolved over time, from delivering just milk to now providing a wide range of products including eggs, butter and even bread.

The milk is fresher, the packaging is more eco-friendly, and it's supporting local businesses and people rather than big supermarket chains with huge farms all over the world.


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