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New Greek-style yoghurt flavour: NEW Greek Style St Clement's Orange & Lemon

This text is from Tim's Dairy's latest newsletter about their new yoghurt flavour, which Blunham Dairy have in stock ready to send to you. Add it to your next order!

Our Sensational Limited Edition Has Arrived!

The moment you've been waiting for ... we're thrilled to launch our new Orange & Lemon yogurt and we think you're going to love it.

Enjoy citrus 'heaven' through a combination of our 'Proper' Greek Style Bio-Live Yogurt with fresh, zesty oranges and lemons - just like the Bells of St Clement's.

Already described as packing a zingy punch, we're sure our new Limited Edition flavour will bring a big sunny smile to your face.

Perfect as a luxury dessert on its own, as a topping on a pudding, whizzed into a healthy smoothie or mixed with your favourite breakfast cereal … and … a fab ingredient in fresh recipe ideas. We think our innovation team (who’ve been very busy by the way) have really hit the tastebud-ometer in exactly the right spot.

As always, our yogurt is made for great taste without compromise, and this is no exception. Made with fresh pasteurised British milk and only natural ingredients, the bio-live bacteria we add makes it not only gut friendly but enhances the zesty freshness too. Plus, it’s packed in recycled pots which are 100% recyclable – what’s not to love?


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